Delicious Peking Duck Now Available

March 2021

Peking Duck is one of the most traditional dishes in Chinese history. Originating from Beijing (Peking), it has been a signature dish since the Imperial era. Peking Duck is characterized by its thin, crisp skin, with authentic versions of the dish serving mostly the skin with a thin slice of meat, carved in front of the diners by the chef.

Duck preparation takes a few days to complete but it is worth the extra effort. The duck is first cleaned and air is then pumped under the skin through the neck to separate the skin from the fat. Traditionally the duck is then boiling in hot water for a few hours before it is hung up to dry. T.S. Ma further enhances the flavor of the duck meat by seasoning the stock with scallions, ginger, and other ingredients.

The duck is removed from the stock and left to stand for at least 24 hours in a cool dry place or refrigerator. It is then slow roasted in our roaster until the skin is shiny brown.

Our chef then begins to carve the duck in a traditional way. First, the crispy skin is removed and can be enjoyed immediately while fresh. The meat is then carefully carved and enjoyed either wrapped in pancakes or buns, with spring onions or cucumbers and hoisin sauce.

T.S. Ma is now offering a special Peking Duck dinner that includes a whole Peking Duck, a choice of 8 pancakes or 8 steamed buns, sliced spring onions, and hoisin sauce for $70. Our chef will carve the Peking Duck and include the bones of the duck which can be used to make a duck stock or broth. If you decide to enjoy our Peking Duck, please place your order at least 2-3 days prior to desired pick-up/delivery date to allow sufficient time for preparation.